Alpha Wisdom



We are Spiritual Beings

here to experience

a physical body in this

lifetime. In many lifetimes we experience the cycle of life and death in a physical body. Our true nature is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS: the ESSENCE OF GOD.



                              T E S T A M O N I A L S


Nov, 2017

"I couldn't believe how accurate her reading was. Everyone who sits with her gets up with a smile."

                                                                 J. Winters                                         


July, 2013

"I booked a reading with Cassandria after hearing accolades about her abilities to read with detailed accuracy. I composed a list of questions prior to our session, one asking her to reveal something about me that I did not know about myself. Not only did she answer my questions in great detail, she gave me vital health information that allowed me to experience immediate results. Cassandria is a gifted clairvoyant and I plan on scheduling future appointments."                                              

 R. Logan                                                    

July, 2013

   "My first reading with Cassandria was a mediumship and clairvoyant reading. She also had a few minutes at the end to read my hands - something I have never had done before. This was one of the best readings I have ever had.

   Cassandria gave me info about both questions I sent her in advance and also about subjects I wasn't expecting. One of the best parts was the calendar she did for me. She gave me specific time periods to watch for. I would love to have another reading with her soon, and I may take her palmistry class as well!"

                                                                                G. M.  


July 2013


     "The session I had with you last week brought peace of mind and a remembrance of practices that support me. These in turn brought the awareness of the Grace and blessings in my life. Since then, I have been gifted with several sets of guidance from my Guru's teachings. This led to my discovery of what I am to do to remind my children who they are (as you relayed in the message to me).

     The answer comes from me implementing the last 2 sentences from the book of 

'Enthusiasm', and doing it with consistancy. It's definitely it! That was the written confirmation of the same information a beautiful lady shared.

     Your session provided me with insight and clarity on how to proceed through my present situation. Once I had that, my confidence to live life well returned. I am back behind the wheel with my Guru's Grace as my GPS"

                                                     J. Yipchoy                                        

July 2013

     "I offer this testimonial to you because of the messages you provided to me during a very traumatic time. You were unwavering when you informed me of the outcome of a family situation; the time line. The situation ended exactly as you said. I thank you 'Earth Angel' and your Spirit Guides."

                                                                 N. A. White.                                              July 2013

     "Cassandria is amazing. She read my palms and was so spot-on about me it was not funny; scary, downright scary but at the same time it felt so great to know that I am not that 'messed up."


Jan. 2014

     "You said I would become pregnant. I am. You said, "Don't worry, you will find a job that you will like." I did! Cassandria is very accurate and made it a point to throughly answer all of my questions. I felt confident that everything would work out well for me." Thank you Cassandria.                   

                                                                 J.G.                 May, 2015

     'During my first reading I felt so at ease, her calmness, accuracy, and ability to make things more clear helped me through a time where I had to make many decisions and was at a crossroads. She knew details of my past and was able to show me what was to come. Shortly after my move she was able to read me via phone. I felt so much empowerment in her readings. Her heart is made of pure love and I hope anyone who is in need of clarity, guidance, and answers to pressing questions, is now at ease knowing Cassandria will help."