ALPHA WISDOM



     Revelations in Meditation

    Pride is not the anecdote of shame. It is the source of shame.
  'We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.'
   Old Indian Proverb


   "The only thing of permanency is the Eternal Universal Mind of God, which contains all good within It. Temporary reversals are considered just that, temporary." 

           Dr. Paul Leon Masters

   When we believe that we don't have enough love in us, there is a method for discovering and invoking it. Go back in your mind and recreate, almost visualize, a love that someone gave you that really moved you, perhaps in your childhood; your grandmother, grandfather, or anyone who had been deeply kind to you in your life.
Now let that feeling arise again in your heart, and infuse you with gratitude toward the person who evoked it. Knowing that now will make you feel again that you are, as that person made you feel then, worthy of love and really lovable.
Let your heart open now, and let love flow from it; then extend this love to all beings.
    Sogyal Rinpoche




       Meditations, visions, and revelations that I have experienced.

January 2017:

Everything that happened in 2016 was determined by much needed growth and the raising of our vibration. Even the general election, which may have been a shock to many, was the final straw or metaphysically speaking the final cleansing necessary to bring to the surface negative thinking and feelings that most be removed. Think of it as a boil on the body that has a hard core within that never seems to come out so the boil never heals. In 2017 the healing begins and will continue until we humans are open to the real reality that we are all the essence of God/Allah/Jehovah/Pure Consciousness/The Universe. We will begin seeing and feeling this essence before this year is over. This is a beautiful year for us because The Universe is working with us and for us. HAVE NO FEAR. WE ARE LOVE and WE ARE ONE.

February, 25, 2014:

The message is positive. Always stay POSITIVE. The world is as it is, as it has always been. Everything is in perfect order; Everything. Our eyes have become clouded with worry, anxiety, anger, fear, doubt, stress, tension, and hopelessness. This is because we forget that this is not reality. This is not the truth. This is MAYA - the veil that hides the truth. You must remember this.


October 3, 2013:  Everything is in perfect order. This should be our mantra in these difficult times. They will pass as quickly as they came. Stay centered and do not get caught-up in this web of uncertainty. Positive energy is always present. Surround yourselves with this energy and meditate.

July 6, 2013: The waters in the Atlantic ocean are disturbed. I see several hurricanes - 5- that will affect the east coast - particularly Florida, and the Gulf coast. Two hurricanes will come from the African coast, two from the carribbean, and one from the Gulf coast. They will be a threat to land and cause damage. They appear to be coming one right after the other or at the same time.


September 6, 2012:  There is a net covering the USA. It is invisible but it can be seen through the third eye. This net has been here for sometime. It is not good, it has served its' purpose, and we do not need it anymore. It has become negative to our consciousness. The people of Planet Earth are awakening and becoming more aware of everything.  We sense that something is different, yet we cannot put our finger on it. We are somewhat in a confused state.

This will pass. We must not fear. We must stay on the path because we are entering a new era, a new awareness, a new consciousness. Keep your intention focused on all that is good for everyone. WE ARE ONE  

June, 2012: Things are not as they seem. Trust your gut in everything and meditate. Economically, we are going through a tunnel of doubt and fear. This tunnel is not very long but, it is narrow. Do not  give in to anger. This will pass. There is light at the end of this tunnel. You must stay centered.

    The atmosphere is changing. We are in for problematic weather. It is like a train that is moving without brakes. It cannot be stopped. The oceans are disturbed and the waters are moving dangerously; storms or hurricanes. All     large bodies of water on the planet are effected.   

July, 2011: Severe/dangerous hurricanes will impact the east coast of the U.S.A. Seemingly, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia will be affected. There will be several hurricanes appearing during the late summer and into the fall. Some of these will be very large and powerful.  


March, 2011The human race is awakening. We have been in a comatose-like state since descending into this earth plane. This 'state' has many thick layers that hide and cover our true nature. As we awaken, these layers begin falling away. Knowledge arises and we begin to understand our true selves. 


February, 2011: The protests in Wisconsin will spread to other areas of the country as people express their frustrations over the potential loss of unions. This is a time when everyone wants to give their imput and their personal sense of power as they try to take control of their own lives. However, the traditional collective bargaining system that we are accustomed is coming to a close. Unions, as we know them to be will not exist anymore. Instead, a different type of bargaining system will be in place.  


Upheavels will occur all over the planet, especially in locations where people have been denied their rights. This will continue throughout this year. The people will not back down. 



     "Mankind's energy is too negative. There are many changes that the earth normally goes through that are gradual and happen over a long period of time. However, the energy coming from mankind is forcing a speed-up of these changes and it will have a devastating effect on life. These changes involve dangerous abrupt weather patterns; tornadoes suddenly occuring without warning, sudden temperature changes without warning, earthquakes in unexpected locations, intense hurricanes occuring in areas frequented, and in areas never before frequented, a tsunami so powerful that it covers the east coast of the USA and will remove or destroy the southern half of Florida. Also, there is dry poisoned land where nothing will grow. Mankind must change, sooner rather than later. This is vital and very important. The earth is a living organism and it feels energy everywhere. These changes will occur in this year and throughout much of this decade, especially through 2015."



     "The economy will improve in 2011. Most people that are looking for work will find it - particulary beginning in March 2011. Entrepreneurs or people who take risks have a great window of opportunity from March through September of 2011. This will also be a good year for positive energy. Risk takers, this is your year."


     From these messages, we can see how important it is to remain positive and remove all of the negative energies that have accumulated; whether we are consciously aware of this energy or not, it is there. When you have negative energies, you are putting that kind of energy out in the Universe and it inturn will attract that same kind of energy back to you. Negative energy is like a magnet that attracts only negative energy, negative people and negative situations to you. Positive energy too, is like a magnet. It attracts only positive energy, positive people, and positive situations around you. This is the universal Law of Attraction. Let's strive for surrounding ourselves with positive energy all the time.


1.  Try to clear yourself from the burden of anger, hatred, and resentment

     toward anyone from your past or present. You only harm yourself in such



2.  Try to see the bright side in every uncomfortable situation. Examine the

     situation carefully and ask whether you played a major role.


3.  Try to except life's harsh lessons as though you are in a difficult class that

     you are required to take, or like a visitor from another realm.


4.  Do not take things that occur in your life so personal. Do not think of

     yourself as the victim.  Always see yourself as greater than any situation

     that you feel brings you down. Always see yourself as a Great Being; a Giant.